Friday, December 20, 2013

SFF moderation - because they don't care when people aren't causing ACTUAL harm to the site.

So, this is how moderation on SciFi StackExchange works:

  • When someone serially downvotes different top contributors of the site -  moderators at best don't care and at worst, insult people who raise the issue. Despite being shown the clear evidence that it's deliberate and serial and related.
  • When someone trashes good questions (including from newer users) by posting comments like "this can't be answered" without knowing what they are talking about - moderators don't care about that.

BUT, when I finally have enough of this destructive behavior, and post a comment on a meta question (NOT on a main site), without naming names - I get suspended for whole 30 days by the same moderator who doesn't seem to care, because in 3 years on the site "this is a third time I was told by him not to be rude".
For reference, that same moderator was very hostile to me previously.

Oh, and the awful wording I used on a meta comment that was worth 30 days of suspension: "ignorant bastards" and "ignoramuses" - again, not applied to a specific user but to exhibited pattern of behavior (trashing a question as bad for SFF because it "can't be answered" despite not knowing the canon well enough to even remotely know that it can).

So, in case people wonder what awful thing I did to deserve 30 days suspension from our diligent, wonderful moderators who couln't be bothered stopping actual destructive behavior on the site - you don't have to wonder anymore.

Next time you start considering providing your labor free to help SFF StackExchange, think whether it's worth your time. Because they will screw you over in favor of people who actually harm the site.


UPDATE: There were new important developments since the suspension (including me being unsuspended early AND my serial downvoter appearing again) - see

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