Saturday, April 19, 2014

More evidence that someone's deliberately targeting me

Got 2 more down-votes today. Both same exact time, both old questions with no obvious reasons to DV.

But the exact nature of these 2 questions leaves very little doubt that someone's targeting my questions for DV (see below red text and details).

-2 4 hours ago (Q) What is the synopsis of Homer Eon Flint's “The Emancipatrix”?
-2 4 hours ago (Q) How does Minotaur fit into the world of “Battle Circle” by Piers Anthony?

Were the posts recent?

No. Neither the posts nor any answered were touched in over a year.

Were any other answers on those questions downvoted?


Caveats: (legit reasons someone may have downvoted)


Why is the pattern suspicious?

First thing I noticed was that both questions were from March 2013; and unrelated to each other. Now, ordinarily, I would have merely noted that they were on the same page if you order my questions by date

But in this case the evidence is much more compelling. 

One thing that seemed "less suspicious" was that the 2 questions downvoted were merely on the same page,  not next to each other on that page as some of my previous bulk-downvotes. 


Upon checking further, I discovered that every single question asked between these 2 questions was already previously downvoted!

  • How does Minotaur fit into the world of “Battle Circle” by Piers Anthony? 
    • Downvoted today
  • Did the gatekeeper and the keymaster get intimate in Ghostbusters? 
    • Downvoted previously
  •    Was Rakata's “Force-enhanced” hyperdrive technology ever replicated (or something similar used)? 
    • Downvoted previously
  • Short story or small novel about space pirates on a planet luring and robbing ships 
    • Downvoted previously

  • A book where 2-dimensional species evolved on rapidly changing environment 
    • Downvoted previously
  • What is the synopsis of Homer Eon Flint's “The Emancipatrix" 
    • Downvoted today


  1. I'm sorely tempted to start downvoting your stuff just to see if you have a fit.

    1. @Richard - how would I know the difference between you doing it and whoever's already doing it so I would know to start a fit?

  2. My plan is to downvote your posts in a seemingly random fashion. After a while it would become clear that that my votes are actually based on a zodiac-style code spelling out the name of my next victim.

  3. There is a moderation tool for looking at the vote history. Basically it takes a look at the number of [vote type] they've assigned to you, and the number of that type they've assigned total, and gives the percentage. "Of all this guy's downvotes, he's given 24 to DVK, accounting for 74%" - a high number or a high percentage will cause them to show up. There's some limitations, and I'll spare you the details, but you should consider contacting the SE team (grace note or shog are standouts in this department) directly and politely requesting a downvote audit. You're a 6 figure rep user, it's probably worth the 5 minutes it will take them. If it's inconclusive, well no harm done. If it comes back conclusively negative, great - it's a freaky coincidence. (Given the evidence, it would be hard to be conclusively negative unless your attacker was spread out over dozens of accounts, which would make detection near impossible anyway.) If it comes back conclusively positive, great - they can take action against the offender.

    Either way, I think you should consider a quick note to one or both of those guys, or maybe request a private chat. Imaginary internet points aren't a big deal, but no one should be a victim. Just my two cents.